Kanban, a boutique software engineering firm based in NYC, is looking for a talented and passionate Javascript Engineer

With a culture of engineering excellence, we are dedicated to not only writing fast and stable code, and delivering the best service to our clients, we are also dedicated to you. Our clients’ successes depend on you being your best. We want to help you grow, to help you meet your needs, both personally and professionally, to give you the training you desire, and to provide you with the best tools available. We see this as a win-win.

As a member of our team, we encourage you to use new technologies; including CSS Pre-Processors (LESS / Sass), HTML5 APIs (Canvas, Geolocation, Video, etc.), jQuery (always at latest version), CSS Animations / Transformations, Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation and any technology you recommend that will best solve problems.

We promise that you and your skills will stay current as we partner with innovative clients. Your contributions will be recognized and rewarded. We will challenge you and expect you will remain fulfilled.

In addition to the typical benefits of a competitive salary, benefits and annual bonus, we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Spot bonuses, rewards and other company incentives
  • Code reviews, training, and conferences
  • Free snacks and unlimited soft-drinks
  • Launch Day Scotch…and we launch often
  • Breakfast Fridays…every Friday
  • Choice of Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Herman Miller chairs…need we say more?
Roles & Responsibilities:

As Senior Javascript Engineer, you will work with other talented engineers and the account team to create rich internet applications (RIAs) for our growing portfolio of innovative and award winning clients. We are a down to earth team that believes in work/life balance. You will be able to contribute to both the creative and development process and hit the whiteboard with ideas on day one!

  • Help leverage everything the browser offers, including the latest implementations of HTML5 and CSS 3, to create fast, scalable, complex web applications that are easy to maintain and extend.
  • Create new products and new features–like product comparisons and product filters–where the majority of the logic happens client side.
  • Work closely with a team of talented engineers and design partners to implement award-winning designs.
  • Maintain core JS code used by the team.
  • Collaborate with server-side engineers to optimize scalability and network efficiency.
  • Collaborate with product managers, designers, QA engineers, and others to keep projects moving quickly and efficiently.
Professional Skills and Requirements:
  • Experience using JavaScript, DOM scripting, CSS and semantic HTML to create clean, fast web applications.
  • Use of jQuery and knowledge of writing custom plugins for it.
  • Understand Object Oriented Design and how to use it within the JavaScript language.
  • Phenomenal debugging abilities across all of the major browsers.
  • A track record of solving hard problems.
  • A stubborn empathy for end users.
  • A kind heart and the desire to work with a team on which people treat each other with respect and generosity.
Bonus Skills
  • Knowledge of Server Side languages and design practices.
  • Experience with XSLT and how to build reusable templates.
  • Experience with Enterprise CMS (Wordpress does not count).
  • Desire to always learn new technology and how it can help improve your life as a developer and the experience of the users of your code.

About Kanban

Kanban is driving a revolution in digital marketing – an industry that continues to tap the latest technologies to push forward. The next 5 years will yield unprecedented growth in how marketers design, build, manage and monetize real-time, content-rich, interactions between their respective brands and their target audiences. The contributing and resulting suite of tools, processes and systems will provide you with sought-after experience and skills for years to come.

As a Kanban engineer, you’ll design and implement these systems and technologies, allowing our clients to provide immersive, real-time, content-rich, customer experiences, 24x7.